When does my kid have library??

Posted by Jessica Moore on 9/20/2019

If you're wondering, "When does my kid have library, again?", you're in good company. Here's a list of library days. I try to include the due date in the back of the book as much as possible, too. Students may also request to keep their books an extra week in order to finish them. Happy reading! 


Monday: Ms. Kauffman's homeroom

Tuesday: Ms. Farr's preK, Mrs. Locarno's homeroom, both 3rd grade homerooms. 

Wednesday: Mrs. Segit's kindergarten and Mrs. Henry's homeroom

Thursday: Mrs. MacCormack's preK and both 4th grade homerooms

Friday: Ms. Flinn's kindergarten, Mrs. Ledwidge's homeroom, and Mrs. Perry's homeroom