We Ride Upon Sticks

by Quan Barry Year Published: 2020

If you were at all aware of the world in the late ‘80s, then you’ll think this novel is hilarious!

The Danvers, MA field hockey team wants to win states this year. And they’re terrible. So what do they do? They make a pact with darkness and sign their names to a notebook with Emilio Estevez’s picture on the cover. Of course.

My favorite part of the book? One girl had bangs like only we did (or at least tried to) in the ‘80s. And these bangs have a name: the Claw! And it’s a sentient Claw. And it’s angry.

My least favorite part? I thought that the ‘80s references were a little much. They lent to the comedy of the situation, but I felt like it went a little too far.