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A Message from Central Vermont Supervisory Union


Dear CVSU parents and families,
CVSU is aware that some middle and high school student intend to participate in a walkout this Friday from 1:00-1:20pm to protest anti-queer youth attacks in the United States.  I have directed school administrators to allow students to exercise their first amendment rights while also ensuring there are limited disruptions to the learning process for students who wish not to participate in this protest.

Our principals are working with school staff to ensure that all students, whether they chose to participate in the protest or not, are supervised and to make sure there are no violations of school rules and policies during this time.  

CVSU sees these protests as a positive learning opportunity for all our students, whether they elect to participate or not.  We encourage our students to be engaged citizens who have tolerance for the viewpoints of others, including those with whom they may disagree.

If you have any questions, please contact your school principal or me directly.

Thank you,

Matthew Fedders

Superintendent of Schools