Winter Dress for Recess


    Fall weather is getting colder and soon there will be snow on the ground. Outside recess is a time for students to run and play as well as get some fresh air. It is important for parents to know that all students are expected to go outside for recess and need to come to school properly dressed for the weather. Your child (ren) should come to school with a hat, mittens/gloves, ski pants, a warm coat, and boots with socks. Throwing extra socks and pants in their backpack is always a smart idea in case they get wet while playing.


    Important Recess Facts: 

    • Students go outside for recess unless the outside temperature is below 0 degrees. Wind chill is taken into consideration.


    • There are no established indoor recess options.


    • Special accommodations allowing a student to remain indoors for recess due to medical reasons must have a doctors’ note stating the reason for and the length of time they need to stay in for recess.


    • Students who do not have boots for recess must remain on the payment during snowy weather.


    • Students may not slide on the hill if they do not have ski pants and boots.


    • Students are only allowed to call home for changes of clothes if they get extremely wet from recess. Again extra socks and pants are recommended to be sent in their backpacks during winter and mud season