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Miss. Flinn / Mrs. Hulbert

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Miss Flinn

Here's a little bit about Miss Flinn...

I am a native Vermonter.  I grew up on a dairy farm in central Vermont with my parents and three older brothers.  For the past 16 years, I have lived in a very quiet and friendly neighborhood in Barre...where everyone greets my dog and me with smiles!  My dog, Bingly, is an important part of my world!  He walks, hikes, snowshoes, and kayaks with me.  I love to share pictures of him with my students and he even comes for a visit once or twice a year!  I love to be outdoors as much as possible and enjoy working in my perennial gardens, camping and even doing the occasional home improvement project.

      My greatest joy comes from teaching.  I have been teaching for 22 years.  Almost all of that time has been in Kindergarten.  Kindergarten is a VERY special grade/age.  Kids this age are learning how to learn, researching their world through play, and exploring the nuances of knowledge.  They are innocent, tough, sensitive, resilient, and kind-hearted yet savvy.  I am honored to teach these amazing students and watch them grow into lifelong learners!! I am a highly reflective teacher who puts a great deal of effort into implementing best practices in teaching to accommodate and support all learners.  I enjoy teaching all subjects but my heart fills with joy when I watch my young learners begin the process of learning how to read.  It is truly magical!      


Here is a little bit about Mrs. Hulbert...

Hello friends & families! I am from Vermont and returned after briefly leaving for college in North Carolina. I am always drawn to the beach. I love the ocean! I have been able to do some fun jobs in my younger years. I have been a waitress, manager of a restaurant, a paralegal, and an intern on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. all before starting my experiences within' the school system!

My greatest joy is my family; my husband, two children, and dog! We love spending time outdoors, whether it be the ocean, the mountains, hiking, skiing, or boating. We love it! Kindergarten also holds a very special place in my heart! I have been in the school system for several years in different roles; being a substitute teacher, being a para-educator, and more recently, teaching Kindergarten. Kindergarten is such a truly magical age where students become EXCITED learners! They transform into readers, writers, mathematicians, and are so incredibly creative, it is such a fun transition to be a part of! 
I thank you for entrusting me with your child each day and I am so excited to watch them grow! 


- - - Our Kindergarten Program - - -

We are strongly committed to supporting our students through multiple hands-on opportunities throughout the day, including guaranteeing a play-based choice time for half an hour each day.  We utilize the Orton Gillingham approach to phonological awareness and have a wealth of experience supporting students with their acquisition of math skills with Cuisenaire rods and numberless cards.  We start each day with a Morning Meeting and follow the principles of Responsive Classroom throughout the day.  Our students are also supported socially and emotionally with a connection to Mindfulness and The Zones of Regulation.  We have a literacy and math workshop model where students from both home-rooms travel between the rooms and participate in different station activities, some with teacher support and some independently.  We plan and work together as a team to ensure students are a part of a supportive learning environment where they receive the best education possible.  If you have any questions or would like to visit, please contact us @  or