• Our Philosophy of Education


    We believe all students have the capability to learn, grow, and be successful. 


    We believe education is a journey, where the the path taken is more important than the final destination.


    In our classrooms, students will be challenged and encouraged.


    Mistakes will be made, but learned from. 


    Failures will be celebrated as a chance to try again in a new way.


    Strategies will be brainstormed and new approaches to tasks will be gained.


    Students will be given the opportunity to practice and grow more resilient.


    Students will be pushed to persevere and demonstrate their grit.


    Students will develop a growth mindset to help themselves achieve.


    Students will learn to shift their thinking from can’t, to can’t do it yet.


    Students will become communicators about what they know, what they have read, what they have learned, and the connections involved.  


    Students will be provided with a structured, caring environment, which will foster the school rules of respect, responsibility, safe, learner.