• Paine Mountain School District
    Serving the towns of Northfield and Williamstown
    Overseeing the following schools (click a school to visit that school's webpage):
    Northfield Elementary
    Northfield Middle & High School
    Williamstown Elementary
    Williamstown Middle & High School

    Paine Mountain SD Board Members

    Mike Bailey - Chair 
    (Northfield)    mbailey@cvsu.org

    Jessica Van Deren - Vice Chair 
    (Williamstown)     jvanderen@cvsu.org 

    Jaime Cotton - Clerk
    (Northfield)    jcotton@cvsu.org

    Horace Duke -  Member
    (Williamstown)    hduke@cvsu.org

    Emily Gray -  Member
    (Northfield)    egray@cvsu.org

    Dan Morris -  Member
    (Northfield)     dmorris@cvsu.org

    Jennifer Bisson - member
    (Williamstown) jbisson@cvsu.org

    Mike Macijeski - member
    (Northfield) mmacijeski@cvsu.org

    Sarah Launderville - member
    (Williamstown) slaunderville@cvsu.org


     updated 6.15.2020