Information for Seniors

  • Senior Family Letter 2022 - here is the link to the document

    This is the letter that was mailed out on May 16th, to all senior families.

    The letter is an informational packet which includes information regarding:

    the End-of-the-Year events, Class Trip forms, Graduation expectations, etc.

    Please email Ms. Monmaney if you have any questions.

    The Senior Google Classroom will have more details about the events listed on this calendar.



    On-Campus Ambassador:  Makayla Locke

    Off-Campus Ambassador:  Nicholas Passalacqua

    RTCC/CVCC Ambassador:  Izaac Maring

    Human Relations Officer:  Jon Tenney

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  • Seniors PLEASE mark the following dates and times on you calendars AND notify your work and/or coaches for the MANDATORY senior class meetings & graduation rehearsals!

    Notify your work and/or coaches of these dates and times so you are able to attend.  You have been given one month's notice!  Any excusals will be handled by Principal Monroe and/or Ms. Monmaney on an individual basis. Failure to comply with this may result in a senior being excluded from participating in the graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 18th.  

    Each rehearsal is important because new information will be shared for various events, updates will be shared, voting for various aspects of graduation, caps & gowns will be handed out, and we will rehearse the logistics of the graduation ceremony .  We need everyone present.  So, again, please notify your work and/or coaches.                                                                                                         
    Rehearsal #1:  Sunday, June 5 from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.  NMHS Auditorium.                                         
    Rehearsal #2:  Tuesday, June 7 from 3:15 - 4:30 p.m. NMHS Auditorium.                                     
    Rehearsal #3:  Thursday, June 15 from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.  SHAPIRO FIELD HOUSE
    Contact Ms. Monmaney if you have any questions.
    45 more days until graduation!  WooHoo!
    Thank you!



    Dear Senior Class,

    Congratulations!  You made it to YOUR senior year!  Ths year will be a momentous one because it is a school year worth of last hurrahs, but often times the uniqueness isn't realized until the first graduation rehearsal in May!  So, make an effort to make your NMHS senior year memories special.  Join a club or activity that you have been meaning to try.  Go watch some of your classmates sporting events, join a sports team, audition for the musical, try a new instrument, start a new club or join the chorus!  There are many opportunities at NMHS.  Show some Marauder Spirit!  Try something new right now.  Do some activities you have always wanted to do. 

    You could be a mentor.  Remember back when you looked up to the seniors because they seemed so "cool" and mature?  Whether you realize it or not, someone probably sees you that way right now.  Make your senior year count.  Be a role model, and maybe even find someone to mentor.

    As your thoughts and plans become more and more focused on next year, remember that you still have work to do where you are now. Enjoy the moment!  It's tempting to spend all of your time looking toward graduation, but don't let the future distract you from seizing the moments right in front of you.  You will only be a high school senior once so, go make some memories and set some impressive goals!  Make the most rewarding and enjoyable school year you have had yet.

    Spend quality time with your family/loved ones.  Moving on can be difficult for students as well as for the family members that stay behind.  With that in mind, take time to enjoy the moments you and your family spend together this year.  Even if you might not feel like participating in family game night or being a part of family dinners, try to embrace these moments.  There will be days next year when you will be able to look fondly back upon the new memories you create this year.

    Seek help and guidance.  Planning your future, whether it is your next job, career choice, services, or college search/ application process, it is a big step in your life.  You may be facing a lot of anxiety and uncertainty as it progresses, and that is okay.  There are many faculty members here at NMHS who can help.  Share your hopes, dreams and fears with your parents because communicating expectations together about the upcoming changes will go a long way toward making this a smooth transition for everyone.  Include your parents/guardians in the process, even though this is your education, remember that you are not the only one on this journey.  Your whole family and your NMHS senior class will be making this transition, too. 

    Enjoy your senior year.  On behalf of the NMHS faculty and staff, we kow that you have the makings to create an incredible plan for your life, and we are excited for your future, but remember your senior year is a once in a lifetime event. Make special memories, go outside of your confort zone.  Your senior year is what YOU make of it.   If there is anything I can do to support you during your senior year, please let me know!  

    As the senior class advisor, my role is to advocate and support the senior class.  It is the senior class who generates the ideas and activities to make their senior year memories.  Please plan to attend all class meetings.  We will try to meet at least once a month, after school (3:00 p.m.) in the music room.  Whether you are an off-campus student (RTC, VTC, NU, VAST, CHOICE, etc) or an on-campus student,  you are a member of the Senior Class!  Your voice matters! Check this website and the Senior Class Google Classroom often and feel free to email me if you have ANY questions, ideas or concerns (


    Wishing you knowledge and happy memories,

    Ms. Lorraine Monmaney, M.Ed.

    Senior Class Advisor

    Director of Music - NMHS




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