• August 31, 2020


    Dear Families, 


    Welcome to 1st and 2nd grade!   We hope you’re as excited about returning to school, as we are!  We all know it’s going to look quite different this year, but we’ve been working hard to ensure that everyone has a safe, fun, and successful experience back at NES.  One of the important changes to help keep everyone safe, is that masks are required for all students and staff members.  Now is a good time to practice wearing a mask at home for periods of time.  Please take the time to read through this letter so that you have the information you need to return to school.


    Arrival/Dismissal Procedures:

    This is a link to the arrival and dismissal procedures. 




    This year we are excited to use Classroom Dojo as our main communication method.  Coming soon will be an email with information explaining how to sign up for this.  Of course you will always be able to reach us by email.  You will continue to be able to find basic information on CVSU classroom websites.  


    Where do I go the first day of school?:

    Please, follow the arrival/dismissal procedures linked above to know how to drop off your child(ren), if they are car riders or walkers.   Grades 1-2 will enter through the doors to the left of the loop.  There will be signs and staff outside to direct students.  Students are to go directly to their homeroom classrooms.  Unfortunately, parents and other visitors are not allowed into the school.  We know many of you like to walk your child to their classroom on the first day, and this is difficult for some parents and students.   To help with this we are creating videos of our classrooms.  The night before school you will be able to log into Classroom Dojo and see a video tour of your child’s classroom. 


    Allied Arts:

    This year, allied arts (PE, art, music, library/media, out and about, and STREAM) will be happening outside. Allied arts classes will occur outside rain or shine. Some tents are available, however, it is crucial that your child come to school prepared for all kinds of weather. This is true for recess as well. 



    Breakfast, snack and lunch will be happening in classrooms. Students will wash their hands before and after snack and lunch.  Keep in mind while packing lunches that microwaves will not be available to heat up food.  Breakfast and lunch will be delivered directly to the classrooms.  We ask that drinks are limited to water and juice boxes only. We encourage your child to come in with their own water bottle to keep on their desk. 


    School Supplies:

    Due to Covid, we are keeping everyone safe by providing all the supplies your child will need.  We ask that you do not send in outside supplies, toys, stuffies, fidgets, etc. as we cannot permit them in the classroom.  We suggest that students have more than one mask for the day.  The school will be providing each student with 6 masks to use.  There are also a number of areas in town where volunteers are making masks free of charge to anyone who needs one. The Mask Brigade right here in Northfield is a great resource.  You can contact them at merrykays@yahoo.com.  


    Academics: This year your child will be working with a teaching pair. Each child will have a homeroom teacher and a second teaching partner.   Their homeroom teacher will teach them OG (phonics) and the teacher’s content speciality (math or ELA) in the morning.   In the afternoon, students will remain in their classroom but the second teacher will come in after lunch and will teach the second subject (math or ELA). 


    Homeroom Teacher Assignment were emailed to family on August 31st.  A letter will arrive at home in next few days.  If you have any questions please contact the school. 


    Enjoy the remaining days of summer vacation.  We look forward to a healthy and happy school year!




    Mrs. Hatch, Mrs. Bean, Mrs. Parker, Ms. Corrigan, Mrs. O’Brien, Mrs. Storrs, and Ms. Kim