Lice Procedures for the Elementary School

  • Most recommendations are taken from the The Association of Pediatrics which encourages focusing on individual cases rather than entire classrooms.


    - New cases of lice are sent home for treatment that day as well as those students presenting with live lice

    - Students may return after being treated and no live lice are found. A few remaining ‘nits’ must be removed within a couple of days of returning to school.

    - Students returning to school must stop in at the Nurses’ office for a lice check prior to returning to the classroom

    - Follow up checks for lice will be done by the nurse on individual cases for up to two weeks

    - Students need to be retreated for lice in 7-10 days after the initial outbreak.

    - Students are encouraged to keep their hair up

    -Parents are encouraged to check their own children for lice once a week and to notify the Nurse if found.

    - Letters concerning lice will be sent home if there are three or more cases reported in a classroom at one time




    - Classroom rugs are vacuumed each night

    - Students are encouraged not to share hats, scarf’s, combs and brushes etc..

    - Students are encouraged to keep their own hats/mittens in the sleeves of their coat and to put their coats in their cubbies while at school

    - Pillows and stuffed animals are to be kept to a minimum in the classroom. Students are encouraged not to bring in stuffed animals for play