Lice -Recommended Treatment

  • Nix








    - Lice shampoos all contain pediculicides which are pesticides. They should be used with caution with special attention pisd to directions. Consult your physician prior to using if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or prior to treating an infant, eyebrows or eyelashes


    -All family members should be checked for lice or nits but only those with nits/lice should be treated


    -Over the counter shampoos such as NIX or RID are currently recommended for usage in treating lice. However no shampoo is 100% effective against lice. Persistence in nit removal and continuing treatment is the best way to get rid of lice.


    -Continue to check for lice and remove nits everyday for the next ten days


    -Retreatment in 7-10days after the initial treatment is a must. This prevents eggs that weren’t killed in the initial treatment to be killed prior to hatching and starting the cycle all over again


    -Work in an area that has natural bright light or under a bright light


    -Use a nit removal comb or your fingernails to pull nits from the hair shaft


    -Isolate sections of hair to work on at one time


    -Work in short intervals allowing for breaks


    -Provide a distraction for younger children ie toy, movie while you work


    -Continue to check and remove nits daily for 7-10 days