• Here you will find resources to support you in your use of JumpRope.

    Link to WMHS Dec 15 2021 Meeting 

    If you have any questions or need additional support or training, please contact Brucie Donahue.

    Please make sure that you have scores (1-4) in for your students. If a student was assessed and never handed in the assessment, you can use the letter M. That will calcuate as a zero into the score. If a student was never assessed on a PI, leave it blank. DO NOT leave X in at the end of the semester. You can enter a 1-4, M, or blank in the place of the X. 

    If you have created Formative assessments, please UNPUBLISH them in your gradebook so they do not show on the Reports or portal. (if you are in Northfield and use the designated formative assessments, then you do not have to unpublish them.)

    Adding End of Term comments for Report Cards

    Teacher comments will appear at the top of the course marks section on the report card.

    Please follow the directions that were emailed to you. You can also use the JumpRope directions below.


    Here is the Help Document for Duplicating Assessements

    Information for Google Classroom Integration

    What to do when a student moves from 1 class to another

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.