Flexible Pathways: Independent Studies                 

    Pathways is a system that facilitates flexible and challenging individual and personal learning plans designed to recognize and nurture unique learning styles, interests, and strengths of individual students, and supports multiple pathways towards achievement and assessment of proficiencies. Individual paths for students can include, but are not limited to: experiential learning, service-based learning, blended-learning, independent studies, online courses, skill-based explorations, work-readiness preparations, advanced college-readiness experiences, and traditional learning independent work.


    Interdisciplinary Projects

    Work with Miller to design a project which crosses disciplines or choose a ready made project that meets your graduation needs. Connect Social Studies with Theater or Creative Writing, connect English with Science, Connect Math and Engineering with Business Skills, Connect Art and Music with ANYTHING!  


    Activity-Based Pathways

    Work with Miller find PIs which connect to the activities you’re already doing in your free time!  Document your time and experience, complete some additional research and reflection, and then showcase this in a portfolio or other demonstration of learning project.  Examples include: Team-Sports, Health or Personal Fitness-Related Activities (hiking, biking, weight-lifting, working out, etc), Art, Music, Theater, or Creative Writing, Involvement in Community Organizations, Mentoring, or Community Service.


    Work-Based Learning 

    Interested in getting out in the world and learning job-related skills through a career-exploration experience?  Then this pathways option is for you!  Partner with our Work-Based Learning Coordinator to find the career shadow, internship, or work-based experience that is right for you and then document your learning through a portfolio or some other project. 


    Interest-Based Pathways (Completely Self-Designed)

    Have an interest that isn’t covered in a core class or one of the options listed above?  Then design your own pathways project!  If you’re a self-motivated student then you have the chance to be 100% in charge of what you learn and how you learn it!  Work with Miller to find resources, set a timeline, link PIs, and create the demonstration of a learning product which is most meaningful to you.


    Legacy Project (Seniors)

    Leave your Legacy on WMHS and earn the PI’s you need for graduation through unique service learning projects designed to hone your skills and areas of interest or expertise. Choose an interdisciplinary team-based option or design your own year-long service-learning project to encompass the performance indicators you need to earn for graduation. For example, the Orchard Amphitheater Design Implementation Project or designing your own service learning project.