Working Memory

  • Working Memory: The ability to hold information in memory while performing complex taks. It incorporates the ability to draw on past learning or experience to apply to the situation at hand or to project into the future.


    People who have strong working memories have no trouble keeping track of things they have to do, promises they have made, or appointments they have to keep. They remember details from conversations and important information about the people they interact with at home or at school.

    People who have weak working memories are forgetful. When they're focused on a particualr thing, they may lose track of critial competing information (for example, forgetting a meeting with a teacher becasue their got a text about their friend getting in hurt), or they may lose track of details or minor obligations (like forgetting to stop by the front office after school to pick up a paper for your mother to sign.)

    Memory is very complex and involves other parts of the brain beyond the frontal cortex.