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    What is JumpRope?

    JumpRope makes an easy-to-use, web-based learning management system geared for the K-12 market. Our core product is a standards-based gradebook  It provides teachers, students, parents, administrators, networks and districts with access to real-time data so they can collaborate on student learning.

    JumpRope was created from a teacher’s perspective to be a singular resource with all the tools necessary to maximize the impact of standards-based grading. We remove the headache of trying to fit innovative grading and assessment practices into existing systems by having seamless integrations with the school’s SIS.

    What makes JumpRope different from traditional gradebooks?

    JumpRope is quite different from traditional assignment-based gradebooks. Traditional grades fail to tell teachers, students and parents what students have actually learned. Our curriculum design tool walks teachers through the backwards design process, encouraging teachers to be explicit about identifying what a student needs to learn in their course (these can be teacher-written standards, state standards or national standards). Teachers then align their assessments to their classroom goals; this encourages teachers to really think about how their assessments are aligned to the learning goals for the course. Planning data then automatically populates the gradebook where teachers assess the student’s performance on the standards based on their demonstration of mastery.