• How to turn off email notifications for classes you co-teach.

    1. Go into your Google Classroom, click on the three horizontal lines at the top-left side…this will open up a frame on left side of screen (which lists all of your classes)
    2. → Scroll down further….Until you get to the bottom of that menu frame.  Then click “Settings” 
    3. In this "Settings" the first thing on the screen reads “Profile”, but there's a lot more for options if you have email enabled.  Scroll way way WAY down to “Class Notifications” (it's the LAST set of the settings on the page) --> this is where you can turn off the auto generated emails; the toggle switches are on the right side for each class!
    Notice that by clicking on the blue circle, you will cause the setting to turn off (it becomes grey; meaning you’ll no longer receive email notifications)

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