• We use Securly for in-class Chromebook management. In order for this to work, you must have a Google Classroom created for the class you want to monitor.

    The Securly Device Console tool allows teachers to lock down your student’s device to a specific website, monitor your student’s chromebook activity through a digital dashboard, and provides other tools for digital classroom management. The purpose of using this tool is to help keep our students focused on their academic tasks during the time that they are in your classroom. Securly uses Google Classroom to roster students and co-teachers.

    Here are some things to know:

    • If you are going to use the tool, please tell your students. We need to be transparent in our use of the tool. We don’t want the student to be surprised by knowledge we gain using this tool.

    • Only monitor your students when they are physically in your classroom or in a guided remote/online classroom session. Monitoring a student who is not physically (or virtually) in your classroom is prohibited and can cause disruptions to other teacher’s classrooms. 

    • The purpose of this tool is to help keep students focused on their academics & classwork. 

    • If students have questions about this tool, please have them contact Brucie Donahue or Trey Cates.

    • Please submit a HelpDesk ticket if you would like access to this tool or need support.

    • Link to the Help Files

    Here is an overview of the tool



    You now have the power to temporarily unblock websites blocked by Securly for your students. When a student reaches a blocked page, you will see the option below to "Temporarily Allow" a site. Click the "Temporarily Allow" button then use your own google account credentials to unblock the site. The site will remain unblocked for ALL students for 60 minutes. We hope this helps with student research this next school year. Thanks!