• Dear Prospective Volunteer;

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a school volunteer.  We want to make it as easy as possible for you to serve in our schools.  Recognizing our high responsiblity to our students, we require all who will be working with our students - employees and volunteers - to undergo background checks.  This webpage will provide information about the application and screening/background check process to become a school volunteer. 

    Level I Volunteer

    A volunteer whose work does not involve direct contact with school children.
    Examples of Level I Volunteering:

    • Collecting order forms for fund raising events
    • Performing other clerical or administrative tasks from home
    • Preparing food items for school events/fund raisers
    • Serving on an interview committee

    Screening requirements - No screening required

    Level II Volunteer

    A volunteer who provides services within the school, on school district premises, or during school events, to assist within the classroom, library, main office, or other department.  Work involves direct contact with children, but typically under the direct supervision of the classroom teacher or other approved school professional. 

    Examples of Level II Volunteering

    • Room Parent
    • Classroom Volunteer
    • Book Fair Volunteer

    Screening Requirements

    1. Volunteer Application Form & Authorization Form
    2. Vermont Criminal Information Center (VCIC) online criminal records check (Copy of valid photo ID required.)

    Level III Volunteer

    A volunteer who provides direct service to students that involves extensive unsupervised contact with school age children.

    Examples of Level III Volunteering

    • Overnight Chaperone
    • Volunteer Coach/Advisor
    • Field Trip Chaperone
    • After School Program Volunteer (Bridges, Onward!)

    Screening Requirements

    1. Volunteer Application & Athorization Form
    2. VCIC online criminal records check (Copy of valid photo ID required.)
    3. VCIC Fingerprint Supported Criminal Records Check
    4. Agency of Human Services (AHS) Adult Abuse/Child Abuse Registry Check

    Please note that it takes 4-6 weeks for results of the VCIC Fingerprint supported CRC to be completed.  You will not be approved for Level III volunteering until a no record result is recieved.   Be sure to get your fingerprints completed well in advance of any school chaperone plans.  

    Please ask your school secretary for a volunteer application.